Warnow Lab students and postdocs

Current PhD students

Minhyuk Park, CS PhD student, started Fall 2021

Yasamin Tabatabaee, CS PhD student, started Fall 2021

James Willson CS PhD student, started Fall 2020

Baqiao Liu, CS PhD student, started Fall 2020

Chengze Shen, CS PhD student, started Fall 2020

Eleanor Wedell, starting Fall 2022

Alumni from UIUC

Postdocs (former)

Paul Zaharias, Spring 2020-2022 Google Scholar page

Students (former)

Sarah Christensen, CS PhD student (co-supervised with Mohammed El-Kebir), graduated December 2020, now at D.E. Shaw in NYC

Gillian Chu, , PEEC MS student at UIUC (received 2022), now at Princeton CS as a PhD student

Ashu Gupta, CS MS student, graduated May 2016. Joined Apple in Cupertino

Erin Molloy, CS PhD student (co-supervised with Bill Gropp), graduated August 2020; Assist Prof CS Univ Maryland College Park Fall 2021

Mike Nute, Statistics PhD student, graduated August 2019, then postdoc at Rice Univ (Todd Treangen); now working for a start-up

Vladimir Smirnov, CS PhD student, graduated August 2021, now postdoc at Cambridge University (Richard Durbin)

Pranjal Vachaspati, CS PhD student, graduated 2019; now Senior Software Engineer at Toast

Xilin Yu. CS MS student, graduated August 2019. Now at Google in Seattle

Dissertation committee students

Undergraduate research assistants at UIUC

Full Set of Alumni