Paper presentations for CS 581, Fall 2020


Brief summary: The paper presentation and the Q&A counts towards your course participation, and the write-ups you do count towards your homework grade. You do need to do the write-up for the papers you present as well as the ones you are just in the audience for.

Due dates:

Homework for each paper: You are expected to obtain the paper (use the university library) and read each paper. Each day, two papers will be presented by students (some weeks will have four papers presented, and some weeks will only have two papers presented). Pick one of the two papers for each day that week and write up a 1-2 page critique of the paper. Note: These are due the Monday that the talks are presented. Use the following structure (in PDF):

Collaboration policy: If you are presenting this paper with another student, you should split the presentation into two parts, with each of you having responsibility for one part.

Grading policy: The paper presentation and Q&A after the talk counts toward the class participation.

Paper Presentation schedule

Schedule for presentation