Academic Integrity

You are expected to abide by the University of Illinois academic integrity guidelines. All violations of academic integrity standards will be reported to the appropriate university offices. Serious violations will result in a failing grade for the course.

Plagiarism - all too common. This is particularly important for any writing you do, whether this is for homework, a course project, or a paper you submit for publication. Please learn the standards regarding plagiairism.

Many students don't seem to understand the guidelines for plagiairism. For example, many students don't seem to know is that using text without putting it in quotes counts as plagiarism, even if you include a reference to the publication! Similarly, but less obvious perhaps, paraphrasing without saying so and giving credit (explicitly) to the original author counts as plagiarism. It's therefore best to look carefully at some online materials (the MIT document is particularly helpful) about plagiairism, such as the following:

Ethical challenges in academia It is particularly important to think about ethics in the context of your research. I have written up some scenarios challenging research integrity, but also see the interesting article in WIRED on The Young Billionaire Behind the War on Bad Science and the Retraction Watch website.