Warnow Lab students and postdocs


Paul Zaharias, starting Spring 2020 Google Scholar page

PhD students

Sarah Christensen, CS PhD student (co-supervised with Mohammed El-Kebir), PhD expected May 2022

Erin Molloy, CS PhD student (co-supervised with Bill Gropp), PhD expected May 2020

Vladimir Smirnov, CS PhD student, started Fall 2018

Alumni from UIUC

Ashu Gupta, CS MS student, graduated May 2016

Mike Nute - Statistics PhD student, graduated August 2019 (hooding ceremony May 10, 2019 (PDF) (PPTX))

Pranjal Vachaspati - CS PhD student, PhD expected December 2019

Xilin Yu. CS MS student, graduated August 2019.

Current rotation students

Undergraduate research assistants at UIUC

Dissertation committee students