Warnow Lab students and postdocs

Postdocs (current)

Paul Zaharias, starting Spring 2020 Google Scholar page

PhD students (current)

Sarah Christensen, CS PhD student (co-supervised with Mohammed El-Kebir), PhD expected 2021

Vladimir Smirnov, CS PhD student, started Fall 2018

MS students (current)

Minhyuk Park, starting Fall 2020

Rotation students (current)

Marc Canby, CS PhD student, Fall 2019 through Summer 2020

Gillian Chu (from UC Berkeley)

Elizabeth Koning, CS PhD student, starting Fall 2020

Baqiao Liu, CS PhD student, starting Fall 2020

Mrinmoy Saha Roddur, CS PhD student, starting Fall 2020

Chengze Shen, CS PhD student, starting Fall 2019

Undergraduate research assistants at UIUC

Alumni from UIUC

Ashu Gupta, CS MS student, graduated May 2016

Erin Molloy, CS PhD student (co-supervised with Bill Gropp), PhD August 2020

Mike Nute - Statistics PhD student, graduated August 2019.

Pranjal Vachaspati - CS PhD student, PhD 2019; now at Google Boston

Xilin Yu. CS MS student, graduated August 2019.

Dissertation committee students