2016 Software School

Date: Friday, June 17
Location: Austin Convention Center, Meeting Rooms 4 and 7 (Level 3)

Only registered attendees are allowed to attend the tutorials (please wear your badge). If you have not registered in advance, contact the organizer (Tandy Warnow) for late registration.

Please see this document for details about the tutorials, including where to download the software for each tutorial.

All attendees are expected to download, install, and test run the software for the tutorials they will attend in advance, and to be in contact with the tutorial instructors if there are problems.

The software school will have two parallel tracks, one in meeting room 7 (MR7) and one in meeting room 4 (MR4). A full breakfast and a coffee break will be provided for participants.

Please wear your badge.

Note that the ASTRAL and Multiple Sequence Alignment tutorials are each offered twice. If you plan to attend one or both of these, please attend the tutorial based on the first letter of your last (family) name.