Homework for CS 581, Spring 2018

Homework policies

Due date: All homework is due at 2 PM on the due date, via Moodle (unless otherwise specified). Late homeworks (up to 48 hours late) can be accepted for reduced credit (see course webpage for details), except when otherwise specified (e.g., see Homework 5).

Collaboration policy: You are expected to write up the homework yourself, but you are welcome to discuss the homework with other students in the class. If you discuss the homework with other students, clearly specify this on your homework.

Reading assignments: Some homeworks involve homework problems from the textbook, and many homework assignments involve reading the textbook or published papers. The class discussion depends on you doing the reading, as I will not be teaching all the material.

Review questions: The textbook has two types of questions: review questions and homework problems. In general, I will be assigning problems from the homework problems and not from the review questions (although do note that this is not true for some homework assignments). We may discuss the review questions in class, so please look over the review questions as well.

Optional homework: You are welcome to submit solutions to problems from the textbook that interest you. These won't count towards the grade, but I'll personally grade them and give you feedback. I'm recommending some of them in the homework list. Similarly, you are encouraged to read papers from the literature (perhaps a paper cited in the textbook), and write up a discussion of the paper. If one of the papers really excites you, you might want to present it in class! (Everyone has to present a paper, so you could get a head start on this, by finding a paper you want to present instead of being assigned one.)

Disputing a grade: Please come see me directly if you have questions or concerns about how your homework was graded.

Grading policy: All weekly homeworks count for 100 points, and contribute 25% of the course grade. The worst grade is dropped.